Stop Domestic Battery

With Help from Wiggins Domestic Battery Lawyers

A domestic battery attorney can help you with the legal process.  These charges can have misdemeanor or felony consequences depending on the severity and details of the case.

A domestic battery lawyer can explain the judicial requirements that are almost certain with every case.

no victim contact order is an immediate problem because most offenders and victims of domestic battery live in the same house.

The advantages of a withhold of adjudication can be explained.

Explaining both sides of the story can possibly terminate the charges.  A further explanation of the incident can possibly reduce the severity of the charge or the penalty the State is requesting from the judge.


Domestic Battery Attorney Orange Park


If you need a Domestic Battery Attorney in Orange Park, Keystone Heights, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg or Jacksonville, the professionals with Wiggins Law Firm will represent your Battery legal issues as if they were our own.  We will explain the judicial process, review your options, develop a legal strategy and represent your interests with integrity and in a competent manner.