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If your child needs a defense lawyer, work with someone who has been a prosecutor in the juvenile courts.

While we call our children minors, the legal consequences of criminal activity are anything but minor!

Did you realize that with any drug related charge, the DMV will suspend the child's drivers license?  In addition to punishing the child, this most likely is a severe inconvenience for the family.  Talk with us before you go to court!

Minors are fully accountable for their actions and sometimes parents are held accountable as well.  Consult with a juvenile attorney as soon as you are aware of potential criminal charges.  The State Attorney's Office can only rely on information they receive before charging someone and that information is usually only from law enforcement.  Have your child represented by an attorney who understands the process and can possibly provide additional data to the juvenile assistant state attorney before a Petition is filed.  The Petition is the document with your son or daughter's criminal charges. 

If you are asked to bring your child to law enforcement for questioning, I strongly recommend you consult with an attorney first.


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If you need a Juvenile Lawyer in Orange Park, Keystone Heights, Green Cove Springs, Middleburg or Jacksonville, the professionals with Wiggins Law Firm will represent your juvenile legal issues as if they were our own.  We will explain the judicial process, review your options, develop a legal strategy and represent your interests with integrity and in a competent manner.